Who am I?

I am a world-famous dog talk coach. I specialize in helping people learn how to connect with their dogs beyond treats, and develop their soul connection. I can teach you on how to train your dog and teach you how to talk dog. I’ve helped thousands of people to train their dogs, build a connection, and discover the fullest potential of their dog connection.

My Goal in Dog Training

Dog training doesn’t have to be difficult, but you need to follow a system. My philosophy stems from balance and patience. – There are certain techniques when done properly, that will help immensely. After I perfected these techniques I was able to change peoples lives immediately. My job is to help people connect with their dogs, and talk through dog training.

Train Yourself And Your Dog Will Follow

Training at home and learning to train your dog first is the best dog training I can offer you. Train yourself and the dog will follow. Groups are great for distractions, but it’s important to teach the dog what we want where they live without a lot of distraction. A dog that does great with a bag of treats in a group atmosphere will only be trained in that same experience.

My training is broken down into step by step videos to help you get the results you want. Watch videos and replay them when you need to. Learn the exact methods I use to get immediate results and command attention through a “working relationship”

  • The Art Of Raising A MasterPaw
  • LeaderWalks-Change Your Walk Change Your Life
  • Stop Dog Jumping
  • True Off Leash Freedom
  • Before You Get a Protection Dog
  • Tricks That Make You Super