Nina G. Park Ridge, IL
Adam has a true gift. I will miss our training sessions. Adam knows what your dog and you need. His training style is consistent and natural. He truly does have a gift to engage you and your dog for success. Thank you Adam! Lola and i will keep working to make you proud!

Kelly W. Chicago
I’m way late on this review. Almost a year late. I’m actually happy I waited. I can give a more accurate review. Masterpaw is phenomenal. Adam changed our lives. Last summer he took in our almost two year old pit mix for 3 weeks. I got pregnant months after getting a puppy and he didn’t get the training he deserved. He is the nicest dog in the world but I know then stigmas behind pits. He sucked on a leash. Jumped on everyone. He came close to licking some people to death I was terrified to walk him with the baby. I’m using past tense here because adam changed all of that. He brought me back a totally different dog. Same amazing personality, just with some extra manners sprinkled in.

Nina G. Park Ridge, IL
Adam has a true gift. I will miss our training sessions. Adam knows what your dog and you need. His training style is consistent and natural. He truly does have a gift to engage you and your dog for success. Thank you Adam! Lola and i will keep working to make you proud!. And here we are, almost a year later. With a two and a half year old amazing dog. Who listens. And walks like a normal dog. And who is my 18 month olds best friend. We had to work to make sure he doesn’t revert to his old ways. So you can’t be lazy. Adam is the one that trains the dog. But you’re in charge of maintenance. Makes sense to me. As far as price goes, this wasn’t cheap for us. We saved for awhile to do this and it was worth every single cent. It’s worth a lot more.

Thank you Adam. You are incredible. You really helped my family. Beth- Harwood Heights, IL

I started working with Adam at MasterPaw just over a month ago with my puppy, Basil, and I’m so happy that I did. Basil came from a rough background and was never socialized, trained, or cared for properly. After a few sessions of training with Adam, Basil is mostly crate trained, walking with me on a leash, and we’re mastering sit this week. It seems like Basil’s confidence has grown exponentially in a way that I would have never been able to do on my own in just one month. The amount of progress Basil has made is fantastic and it’s all thanks to Adam for teaching ME how to communicate and build confidence with my dog.
Aside from the training skills thatI’ve learned, Adam is great towork with and easy to talk to. He’s always been available for me and is really accommodating to my personal needs and requests. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied and look forward to our next training session. It’ll be a shame when my dog is too well trained for more sessions!

Amanda W. Evanston
After researching online for dog trainers for our 1 year old English Bulldog we decided on Adam and Masterpaw. My husband and I really liked his approach and demeanor, after he came to meet us for the first time we were very hopeful he would be able to help us. He is very self assured and confident in his methods regardless of breed or issue. After working with him the first visit we knew we made the right choice. Our dog Baxter is very sweet and friendly but also extremely excitable, stubborn, and was starting to show signs of dominance in our household. Adam has a calm, authoritative way with dogs that they respond to extremely well. He is like the crocodile Dundee of dogs

read more You can also see how much Adam loves dogs through his interactions with them. Baxter learned very quickly, improved each session, and Adam came equipped each week with a variety of techniques and training methods. He was very communicative with us throughout about the progress of Baxter and after hearing our input he was very dynamic in adjusting the trainings to address the problem areas with new techniques. He was also very available between visits for any calls and questions that came up in between. I will point out that my wife and I definitely noticed a difference in Baxters behavior when we practiced the training techniques given by Adam between his visits and when we did not. If you’re considering dog training you have to be committed to work with your dog in between your visits with Adam and with his help the results will put a smile on your face. We just added a new member to our family and overall our dog is well behaved around her. My concern, and main reason for talking to Adam initially, was that we would have to give up Baxter for adoption once the baby came, but thanks to Adam and the time he and my family invested in the training we have reassurance and confidence that Baxter will be with us for many years to come.

Vivian Norwood Park Before working with Adam, I was so frustrated with my adopted dachshund mix, Buddy. I could not get Buddy to walk past the end of our block, let alone get him to stop pulling and tugging at the leash to run back home. I just figured I was dealing with a stubborn dog and things would never change. It’s been about 3 or 4 weeks since I started working with Adam and I cannot be happier with the results and this isn’t even the end of Buddy’s training! Read more I had a clear goal of getting Buddy to pass a therapy dog test (basic commands, sitting, staying, etc. Nothing crazy) and Adam has been so helpful, listens to my concerns, and is so easy to work with. In just this short amount of time Buddy has so much more confidence. My once shy and timid dog is walking past the end of the block for normal walks, is able to walk right by my side, sit, lay down and so much more. I couldn’t imagine any of this was possible the day I brought Buddy home and I’m so excited to see where this takes us. Adam and MasterPaw are life savers! Jalena- Chicago My family and I adopted our Shepherd Rex when he was only 2 and a half months old. Since it was our very first puppy, we knew that we needed to sign him up for some sort of training in a few months. We considered doing training at our local Petco or Petsmart but after doing some thorough research, I am so happy that we found MasterPaw! The kind of attention we received from having Adam as our dog trainer was far beyond what we would have received at a local pet store. Read More Adam was able to assess what Rex needed right away during the orientation and we gained so much knowledge about training our puppy just from this first meeting. He was always very loving and attentive with our puppy. I really appreciated his positive approach to training and he never suggested any type of training that would harm our dog. During every session, Adam always addressed any questions we had and was very hands-on in showing us how to address any problems that arose right then and there. He even contacted us after the sessions to give us extra advice to keep in mind between sessions. This is definitely the type of attention that we could not have received at a group training class. While these are all personal training sessions at our home, Adam will let you know that the training definitely requires a lot of reinforcement by all members of the household. He was very good about trying to make sure that everyone in my family understood how to train Rex and was always on the same page. Since this was our first puppy, we had an endless array of silly questions and Adam was always super nice and willing to answer them whenever! If you are looking for a dog trainer, I definitely recommend Adam and MasterPaw! Stacie M Wheeling Adam is absolutely the best! His ability to communicate with dogs is absolutely amazing. We took our pup at 9 weeks, and Adam was patient, informative, and showed us how to properly communicate with and establish a strong relationship with our dog. He is flexible with his schedule, extremely reliable, and has a great balance of professionalism and humor. It made the experience both fun and educational. Would highly recommend him for any of your training needs!! My pup is 8 months now and is more obedient/knows more tricks than any of my friends adult dogs (some of which went to training classes elsewhere). Thank you Adam!! Christina D Edison Park Adam from Master Paw has changed our life! We had a 5 month old German Shepard puppy that was nervous, not to fond of other people or dogs and getting extremely strong, extremely fast. We enrolled him in obedience classes at a local gsd club and realized quickly that the methods taught there just weren’t sticking. Hatcher was still pulling on walks, barking like a mad man at dogs and people and just wasn’t progressing like we had wished. That is when I called master paw. Adam came to our home the next day for a consultation and within 2 minutes of taking the leash he had my dog walking at his side with absolutely no pulling. He is a confident dog trainer and truly knows his stuff. Read more He is always on time and we always train for the full hour. The best part is he is constantly asking what we think we need to work more on making the training custom tailored to our needs. He shows you not only one method to attack and issue, but multiple, and he lets you know which one he think will work best with the dog. Technique is key. Hatcher no longer chases squirrels, he walks in a perfect heel with absolutely no pulling, auto sits, downs, handles other dogs and people much better (still have a way to go on this one… But progressing none the less!) and is much more confident in me and my boyfriends commands. Adam has taught us methods to build not olny our dogs trust, but also a bond. We will continue to train with Adam in level II obedience and protection, and can’t wait to see where he will be able to take us with our dog. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to truly make their dog their best friend — and get a handle on basic obedience and beyond (: Kim P Chicago We are very please with the training we received with Adam over the past several weeks. We have seen the transformation in our puppy and will be contacting Adam again for additional training when our baby is a little older! For now we are going to build on the foundation that Adam has helped us build to make our dog great!!!! Adam is extremely knowledgeable, professional and patient! I would highly recommend MasterPaw! Mark G Oak Park My girlfriend and I discovered MasterPaw on yelp and thought that the countless 5 star reviews were a good sign of things to come. I contacted MasterPaw to set up a training session. I gentleman by the name of Adam answered and happily answered each one of my questions. He seemed very knowledgeable over the phone, which gave me confidence that he knew what he was doing. Our first session couldn’t have gone any better. Adam had told us that he would correct our dog’s crazy pulling habit, and to our surprise, by the time Adam left that night the pulling was done with. Read More When you work with an experienced dog trainer you quickly realize that most bad behaviors the dog exhibits can be attributed to the owner and not the dog itself. After all, the dog wants to please it’s owner, but often times the owners have no idea what they’re doing. Adam helped us understand proper technique and commands so that we could truly communicate with our dog. We worked on it between sessions and each week our dog became more and more disciplined. Our dog is 100x more disciplined, responsive, and HAPPY then he was before we started training with Adam. Adam has a way with dogs and people, I think that is so important in a successful dog trainer, because as I eluded to, sometimes the owners need more training then the dogs themselves. A properly trained owner and dog is an unstoppable combination. I can’t thank Adam enough for making this happen for us. We are so much better off having gone through the MasterPaw training program. We highly recommend Adam, he is a true professional.