Want to connect with me online? I can handle 95% of most cases over the phone. I have been in the field for a long time, so not only do I knowY what works, but also what doesn’t work. Learn right the first time, before it gets worse.

I can help with

  • Behavioral issues; jumping, biting, pulling you on leash
  • Understanding what your dog is doing, why, and most importantly a few techniques that will help you conquer you problems
  • Advanced behaviours; tricks, focus, and more!

If I can’t fix the problem or you aren’t you happy you have 30 days to ask for your money back no questions asked.

1st Book a time

2nd Attend a one on one live video training with your dog

3rd. Work the advice, follow through, and enjoy the success.

Ready to get started today?

30 minute calls are $100

Live Video Dog Training