I will be doing in-home training through October!

As I focus more on this course I will not be doing in home training anymore, even though this is a premiere one on one service. Take advantage of it 🙂 Now offering flat pricing.

Learn all I know before I go. There is still time to work

with me and learn all the techniques that made my dogs famous, an author, and have helped a lot of people around the world.

I dont require evaluations.

If you want to pay as you go its. $125 per session. I can fix a lot behavior issues for you, stop leash pulling, etc

but.. if you want to learn all the 8 commands, with treats and without, then it will be the onleash package.

Not only do I train the dog, I teach you how to get the same results at your home or satellite location.

The 8 commands are:

heel, walk next to you(focus on you), sit, down, stay, come, look/watch, place, leave it.

Check out my book on Amazon 🙂