How much does it cost?

Depends on what you are looking for. You can train by the hour or you can purchase packages, based on what you and your dog want and need. Hourly rates are $145. Most of my clients only need 1-3 sessions for minor behavioural issues.

How do you train?

Great question! I believe in balance, not all treats al the time, but you don’t want to hurt your dog either. Treats can be great and should be used to teach behaviors, but how do you get a reliable dog anywhere? If you are having problems without treats give us a call for more help.

Group training or private?

Groups aren’t great, when you and your dog are just starting off. Its a much better option to purchase our course so you are in front of the game. Ready for that great dog?

How long is training?

Sessions are about an hour, sometimes over, and sometimes under, depending n how much the dog gives us back. If your dog starts getting information overload stop. They are probably wore out and need some time to reset. When we aren’t training keep your sessions at about 10-15 minutes long. Less is more