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Want to learn how to train dogs like me?Let me teach you my entire dog training system in your home, anytime. My name is Adam Tyler, and I’m a world famous trainer with dogs that do some cool stuff, like backflips, skateboarding, and so much more.

After a lot of people asked me how do I do what I do. I broke it all down into a video course you can watch anywhere/anytime. Infact over 60 videos from basics to how to do any trick.

Let me help you develop a working relationship

You must learn to develop the connection. Learn what works vs what doesn’t work. Take your time and watch, rewatch and train. Then if you want add distractions like a group class. I can teach you all my secrets which too me over seven years to perfect.


I break it all down into short daily videos that will help you train your dog like me. Develop a connection, train your dog, and experience the MasterPaw training system. I even have a mobile app to keep you training and log your progress(game changer)

How far do you want to go?

Have you ever seen Lasie, Max, my dog Rocky, or another dog, and wanted that type of connection and enthusiasm to work? You can see from their focus, obedience, and tricks that the training is a cut above. It took me 7 years of in home training appointments, years getting bit in a dog suit for protection, and a gift to break it down into a training system anyone can follow.
You don’t have to be a dog trainer you don’t have to learn theories I will show you how to live a connected life. You and your dog will love it!

Not only will you learn from me, but you can go back and relearn/rewatch, or have other members of your family learn on their time too. Get ready before any type of training, so you are ready!

Then use your time to train together. My training is proven to work all over the World! Anyone can follow my system and get AMAZING results


Aren’t Group Classes Better?

You might be thinking a group class is the best/cheapest, but it’s nothing more than socialization. Your dog learns to follow a treat around. What happens when you don’t have treats, or the cat is more interesting?  You need to learn first and the dog will follow.


Learning how to train is by far the best training you can do. There is way too much information, at first, for 10 people, 5 dogs, and a big box store trainer asking dogs to follow a treat around. Anyone can get a dog to follow a treat around. There are 1,000s of videos and cheap classes that dog that.


My name is Adam Tyler. I have a remarkable connection with dogs and I want you to get a chance to have that to.  I have spent a long time training dogs in home, with Police departments, competitions, and board and trains (where I train the dog for a few weeks for $3,000).

The training is so good it made me and my dogs famous. I even wrote a book that has helped people around the world,but enough about me. Let me help you train your dog.


You Will Learn:

• Step by step MasterPaw training system
• The 8 commands you need to talk your dog through any situation
• How to stop leash pulling and get your dog to follow your lead in 5 minutes
• About how to build the right habits
• Introduce rules and boundaries
• Go potty in one spot so your grass doesn’t get ruined
• The exact way I train, in just 15 minutes twice a day with ridiculous results, that people have to stop and watch.
• How to teach your dog to play fetch, bring it back, and love it!
• And much much more

Jennifer W.
Park Ridge

Adam has a true gift. I will miss our training sessions. Adam knows what your dog and you need. His training style is consistent and natural.

Marie B.

And here we are, almost a year later. With a two and a half year old amazing dog. Who listens. And walks like a normal dog. And who is my 18 month olds best friend. Thank you Adam. You are incredible. You really helped my family.

Amy J.

Aside from the training skills thatI’ve learned, Adam is great towork with and easy to talk to. He’s always been available for me and is really accommodating to my personal needs and requests.

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Groups Can Be So Much Better

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Introducing the Complete Step By Step MasterPaw Home Training Program-Teach yourself and the dog will follow.

Now you can discover what it’s like to have a trained dog like me, and develop a soul dog. A dog who not only listens with treats or at home, but everywhere, because they want to! I have been developing this program for over 7 years! Now learn it all for less than a pair of new shoes! All from home with step by step videos.

Now you can learn from me anywhere in the world, learn how to communicate with your dog, stop all the bad behaviors, and train your dog to be the best dog you ever had!

I’m so confident that this program will work for you, that I’m offering a complete 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee! No risk. If it doesn’t work, you don’t like the videos, or you just don’t like the training, you can request a full refund. No questions asked!

if you like the MasterPaw Training Program, you can keep the app for a year free just for trying it out! 

Having an untrained dog sucks, let me teach you how to train your dog, and develop something special along the way. 

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For a limited time Including a mobile app for Android and Ios to help coach you through, keep track, and share your results. Ready to take you and your dog to the next level?

Why MasterPaw?

Best Dog Training FocusIt started with a natural gift,  I started professionally training for over 7 years and have Mastered the art of dog training. Most importantly I learned to teach people. Dogs are very easy, but by helping 1,000’s of dog owners, I was able to learn how to break it down so anyone could listen.


Major Milestones (So Far!)


  • World famous trainer. It started with Diesel, the skateboarding pitbull, but my super dog came through to the most famous “Malinois” in the world.
  • Customers World Wide
  • Protection trainer and decoy for Police, Personal Protection, and Sport
  •  Author on Amazon with customers from all over the World
  • Have a 100% success rate with training dogs
  • I have saved 100’s of dogs from Euthanasia without medication
  • In clinical trials to see if dogs/training a dog, can alleviate depression and other illness

Here is my famous Malinois Rocky (a police dog, or navy seal dog), This one video has over 2 MILLION Views. To understand a soul dog, and the truest potential you can reach, I would encourage you to watch him. He really is amazing and a testament to my MasterPaw training, and how far you can take a dog.

Let me share with you my Training Secrets!

We’re here to help you to train the best dog possible

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