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Hi I'm MasterPaw

Hi, my name is adam, nice to meet you!
I want to share with you the same system I use to train dogs. From the basics to complete off leash. Having a pet, and having a trained dog is totally different

Let me share with you how to establish a "working bond" through dog training. This is how I get my dogs to do everything they do. First find out what motivates them, then make them work for it

I do it on my walks! I coined the term leader walks, where you train your dog with obedience or tricks on your walks. This way you train the mind and body at the same time! I am only here to guide you and support you to make you realise your dreams!

Whether through my book, vidoes, or YouTube videos I hope to make you and your dog's life better!

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What My Wonderful Masterpaws Say

  • Wow what a great course! I couldn't work with you directly, but this was great. Thanks!

    Felicity Rains Jeff Miller, IN
  • Thanks so much, I needed some help with pulling, but used much of your techniques for everything. Great value. Cool app thanks!

    Beth Ranelli Miami, FL

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