The Secret to Dog Training: Say Goodbye to Only Using Treats and Punishment

The Secret to Dog Training: Say Goodbye to Only Using Treats and Punishment January 24, 2017Leave a comment

Dog training is all about teaching a dog what you want, and teaching them what you don’t want. The problem is that you don’t talk dog, so it’s very hard to teach your dog what you want. When you go to some big box store and they teach you in a group setting how to use treats and a clicker they tend to only listen with treats.

What happens when the treats aren’t around to bribe your dog, or the distraction is better than the treat? Your dog basically chooses not to listen. When your dog doesn’t listen you get frustrated and end up with a crazy dog that nobody wants to be around. That sucks.

Obviously all dogs are different, what works for some is not going to work for all. The best option is to learn how bridge the communication gap through custom techniques, your praise, and energy. Yes energy is real. Think about it, don’t you listen to confident professionals when the give you advice? Do you think you would listen if they were not confident or it just felt wrong? Probably not. Thats how dogs communicate, I mean they don’t know english yet.

Since your not a dog trainer, its best to hire one who has spent years learning how to communicate with dogs, and can customize your training based on you, your family, and your dog. At MasterPaw we do just that we come by your home train your dog, but most importantly train you how to get your dog to listen.

Imagine having that good dog who listens not because you have treats, but because they genuinely want to work for you. Whether you are looking at puppy or dog basics to advanced obedience with off leash, MasterPaw can help you get there.

To start schedule an evaluation so we can take a look at what is going on, give you a game plan, and tell you how long/how much it will cost. We have programs to meet everyone’s expectations and budget.

Contact us today, we train most dogs in as little as 5 weeks. We come by once per week, figure out which techniques work best for your dog, and make sure you are doing them properly so you can practice for the week. Then we come back and keep going. Our training is proven, fast, fun, and guaranteed!

Ready for that good dog? Contact us today!

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