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Who am I?

I am an international dog training specialist focused on helping individuals to discover a truly trained dog. I will educate you on how to train and teach your dog exactly what you want.

I’ve helped hundreds of people achieve, good dogs. Whether you are looking for basic help or a little more advanced. Come on board today and let me help you!

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My Goal in Dog Training

Dog training doesn’t have to be difficult. My philosophy stems from my balance, and the desire to educate people about this – There are certain techniques when done properly will help immensely. After I perfected these techniques I was able to change peoples lives immediately.

My job is to help people get the dog they always wanted.

In Home Dog Training

In home is the best dog training I can offer. Not only is it one on one and customized, but we attack the problem at the root. Groups are great for distractions, but it’s important to teach the dog what we want where they live. A dog that does great with a bag of treats in a group atmosphere will only be trained in that same experience.

My training is broken down into packages to help you get the results you are looking for. Training is about an hour long, and homework is provided after. First I train the dog, figure out what techniques work best, and then teach you so you can implement it over the week.

I come back the following week see where we are, improve, and keep going teaching and reinforcing. My success rate is 100%, and my reviews shows just that.

Let me help you. Contact us for evaluation.