How To Do Hard Tricks

How To Do Hard Tricks January 12, 2017Leave a comment

Yes a skateboarding dog is pretty cool, and so are any other complex tricks, today we will show you how you can get your dog to do almost anything.
The most important thing you must realize is that all complex tricks should be broken into steps.
Here is how we taught Diesel to skateboard.

We got him comfortable just being on the board by giving him a treat every time he was on it.
We got him comfortable with staying on the board while it was moving. To do this we taught him to stay, tied the skateboard to a piece of string and pulled him around while we gave him treats.
We lured him, meaning we guided him, with the treats to jump on the board going each way. Thats why he understands the turning
We taught him how to push by luring, guiding him with food to, push with 2 paws on and 2 paws pushing then gave him treats
We made ever step really fun, and took our time

We started putting all the different elements together with words. For instance up up, and push, or turn around!
After a lot of time and high enthusiasm he picked it up and became a skateboarding dog.
With every complex tricks it is a series of smaller tricks. Figure out how to break down each element, practice till they get good with each piece and put it together.
How did we teach Rocky to jump on our back?
Same way small steps!

We laid on the floor and gave him food when he got on our back.
We raised our bodies so that we were in a more box like stance, elbows bent more like a table and taught him how to jump on our back.
We gave him a word, practiced a lot and started standing up more and more.
After a while he learned to jump up on our back. 🙂
Again each trick complex trick is a series of smaller easier tricks broken down and then put together through good timing, good treats, and a lot of practice. To learn more tricks keep sign up to our monthly email list from the home page at
Till next time keep training!!

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