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Protection Dog Training

Protection Dog Training ChicagoYes your dog can stay social and still be able to protect you, you just have to dog it right! 

New Protection Training- Protection training can start as early as 6 months. We don’t do hurt your dog, instead teach him more like a martial arts instructor. By learning the moves. For young dogs we recommend our puppy starter pack. We will teach you obedience and our secret techniques for helping your understand how to develop your dog. Starts at 4-8 months! For older dogs you must have obedience first, a loose canon is a liability. After we are able to start to teach your dog, how to bite, how to to out, how to guard, how to bark(alert), in a wide range of pictures. Cars, locations, targeting, and much more.

Just because a dog barks or looks aggressive doesn’t mean they will protect you!


We will teach

How to bark on command

How to bite

How to let go

How to guard your home and more, Complete custom systems available!


Protection Dog Training For Police and already trained dogs- Your dog must have excellent obedience training before we will train any dogs for real protection work.

What we can work on

  • Maintenance bites
  • Drive Channeling
  • Hark and hold
  • Grip Development
  • Scenario Training
  • Obedience Bites
  • Protection Sport

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