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Stop The Craziness January 13, 2017Leave a comment

A dog that you pulls you down the block is no fun. We stop it in minutes. Its all about helping the dog understand hey follow me. Dog training is about teaching the dog what is acceptable vs unacceptable. The only problem is your not a dog trainer and you don’t know how to talk dog, have a good dog that listens to you.

Ever see a dog owner who says their dog is trained, but when they try they are basically just repeating the command over and over, and just getting frustrated? Perhaps this could be you. It sucks when a dog doesn’t listen, it makes for a horrible relationship. We teach you how to bridge that gap. We teach you how to talk talk.

So what is a good dog? A good dog understands rules and boundaries, walks by you side, understands how to sit, down, stay, and come all on one command without treats or pain.

To get a good dog it comes down to 3 things.

  1. Time
  2. Techniques
  3. Energy

We can give you all customized techniques that are proven to work, train your dog, and you, but without putting in the time you won’t get too far. However if you give your dog two structured “Leader Walks” (This is where you combine basic obedience training and your walks) twice per day for ten to 15 minutes, and incorporate basic obedience in your daily life you will have a good dog who listens in as little as 5 weeks. In fact we fix most leash pulling in 5 minutes.

I can imagine a lot of readers read the word energy and picture and episode from Ceaser Milan. Although he is more a dog personality than dog trainer, energy is real. Think about it, do you listen to people who try to give you advice who aren’t confident? Probably not.

Confidence doesn’t come from bribes like treats. It causes a dog to listen when you have a bag of treats, but when there is a higher level of distraction or no treats, suddenly your dog forgets everything. Confidence, doesn’t mean being mean, it just means you are confident that your dog will do what you ask, because you took the time to train them right. In fact the best treat is your praise, but few know how to deliver it at the right time, or the right way for your dog to want to work with you.

We would love to help you get that good dog. With MasterPaw we will come to your home, give you techniques that don’t rely on treats or pain, are custom to you, your dog, and your whole family. We come by once per week, give you homework, make sure you are making progress, doing the techniques properly, and coach you to become a dog whisperer. Our training is proven, fast, and guaranteed. Most of our training is about 5-8 weeks, but our results are immediate.

For more information or to start up contact us today!


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