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Real Protection Dog Training In Chicago

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Protection Dog Training

Times have changed there are many old school trainers that think that a “real” protection dog is a mean dog. They use all defense to make sure your dog will be mean. MasterPaw

What if I were to tell you that you can have a dog that is protection trained could be super social? 

A dog trained properly for protection knows when to bark, when to bite, when to turn off that switch. Executive dog trainers use this type of training and sell your dog for much more.

MasterPaw can help you train your dog to protect

Your Family

Your Kids


And yourself

Dog Training Protection Chicago 

I have been training high caliber sport, police and protection for a few years. I don’t believe in old school tactics to make your dog come out in fear.

Protection Dog Training ChicagoI teach your dog how to be confident.

How to

Bark on command

bite on command

let go on command

All this can be done with both defense and prey drive. Whatever you are looking for I know I can help. I guarantee my work. If you need protection training for your dog in or around Chicago contact me for a free phone eval.

All Dogs do not know how to protect. Just because a dog bites doesn’t mean they will bite. 90% of dogs need to be taught this skill from food refusal, guard/protection training, scenario training, etc. It is the martial arts of the dog world. The dog needs to be taught the basics, and then use those skills in the proper moment.  


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