protection dog training

Protection Dog Training

protection dog trainingProtection dog training Chicago| Your dog can save your life!

Only train protection training to my students who have completed or are enrolled in my obedience programs or  have strong obedience, your dog is social, or you are a police officer.

Who is going to protect you if the police aren’t there?A professional dog trainer understands how to train your dog to bite, how to build confidence, how to bark/alert, how to to bite best areas, and let go/stop. Protection dogs do not have to be mean. With current dog training methods your dog stays super social!

Did you know 90% off dogs wouldn’t know what to do when actually confronted with a real threat?

Dog Protection Chicago- Think your dog is too tough? Watch This

Protection Dog Training In Chicago and Illinois by MasterPaw helps your dog learn without cruel old school training methods. Guard dog training is not what you think. Training has come a long way, and many of the methods used by old school trainers lead to liabilities!

Protection Dog Training ChicagoWith MasterPaw protection dog training program your dog stays social.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at my blue Pitbull, looks mean in the bite videos, but is a social butterfly. He will obviously bite, but only on my terms, and that confidence makes him powerful.  Look at this picture to the left. This is Drago, one of the meanest dogs I have worked as a professional decoy in chicago Illinois. When in work mode he is a beast, but clear headed, however this dog is super social, and we could even enjoy our company socially, however if asked he would bite. That is his job.

Protection dog Training In Illinois | I love helping working dogs save lives

With MasterPaw there is no quick fixes, that’s why I offer longer packages. To give you the most value, without cutting any corners.

I normally charge $100 Per Hour for one on one personal protection dog training sessions at your home.

You can save money with some of my packages.

Full Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

Below packages depend on your dog and the amount of training you are willing to put in to get the desired results.  I don’t use old outdated protection dog training techniques that can make your dog mean.

I will come to your home, and teach your dog protection. Much like martial arts, I will teach your dog the art of protection.

First I build up your dogs bark/build up their confidence, show them how to bite, how to let go, and show the dog different pictures/scenarios the dog will encounter. Your dog will win every training session. This builds confidence. Through proper training your dog will know how to protect you in any situation.

To schedule a evaluation of your dog at our facility it is $100. We will test your dogs drives, obedience, see what you are looking for and offer the best training option available.

We have monthly specials available! The time to train a protection dog varies based on the dog, most dogs are able to be trained in about 6 months.


Call for more information and to schedule your in home evaluation.

Note! Your Dog Must have solid basic obedience, or I will not train your dog protection training in chicago or the surrounding area or suburbs.  Can work with obedience too. I have the right to refuse service to any dog.

Call Me Now For For More Info, Below is an example of a dog that wasn’t even interested in barking or biting, after just 3 sessions look at the dog now!