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Protection Dog Training | Will it make my dog mean?

Protection Dog Training

The biggest belief I have to break as a protection dog trainer is that protection training will make a dog mean. What makes dogs mean is old school techniques meant to hurt your dog. When you train dogs properly through drive channeling. Prey and defense. Dogs are’t pushed to fight. We first focus on bark, on biting a sleeve calmly, later on you can make it more serious.

Protection Dog Training ChicagoChicago Protection Dog Training

You can have a clear headed dog. When you train a dog to protect itself or it will be harmed then you get a nut case.  Therefor You should only work with experienced protection dog trainers.  A trainer who can teach your dog how to bark, how to bite, how to let go, and how to protect your property.

Guard dog training | Chicago Protection Dog Training

The best way to start training your dog is to have a free evaluation on the phone or on Google Chat. That way we can talk about the process, and answer any questions. You can see some dog protection training videos below. In the picture on the left, this was a beast, but I could still pet him. That’s what I can do for you. 


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