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Group training is better for socialization than training at first. It’s easier to teach your dog without distractions. Distractions actually proof the behaviour, but when done in a group or big box store the dog only learns how to do something when treats are out.

We teach you how to be the treat. We don’t use clickers, and believe a pup should learn with and without treats.

We customize every session to you and your pup. We start with the basics, but if your pup is ready for more we keep going!

With private one on one puppy training in Chicago, and surrounding suburbs, we are able to teach you based on your individual needs. Whether you are looking to have a flashy advanced style training, or just the basics.

We will work on:

Helping with all basic obedience Sit, down, stay, come, potty training, jumping, puppy biting, we teach anything about your living conditions, from families, to how to become the ultimate treat through tonality, and emotion.

We help you build a bond for life beyond treats or punishment. Your whole family, will learn the proper way to use treats, and how to get away from them, how to pattern your dog for success, we also include puppy tricks. Video training course coming soon. (so you can go back and learn)

Look at our youtube videos, read the reviews, we can share with you our dog training secrets that go beyond clickers, and help you learn things that will last a lifetime!

Let us teach you what we know.

Basic training is at your home and is $350 for 4 weeks straight.

Basic Covers sit, down, stay come, destructive behaviors, custom techniques per each dog, family, and the living conditions, focus, leash walking, crate training, potty training, rules and boundaries, and more


Advanced puppy training available.

You’ve seen our dogs, we can take your pup as far as they can go. Additional classes are available for customers who want more than basic training.


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Adam is an awesome dog trainer! My boyfriend and I are so happy with the training we received and impressed with his knowledge and positive attitude. We found MasterPaw on Yelp and after reading the 5 star reviews, decided to give him a call for our 3 month old puppy. After the first class, I couldn’t believe how much Charlie (my dog) and I had learned. I honestly think I needed the training more than my dog, he seemed to get the tricks faster than it was taking me to learn the commands. These 4 training sessions were money well spent and I would recommend Adam to anyone looking for dog training! He is very accommodating and worked around our schedules. Thank you so much Adam! Will definitely call for additional training as Charlie gets older!