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This is not the typical dog training you find in big box store. Not only do you get one one one instruction from a Master Trainer, we teach with and without treats.

We teach-how to teach sit,down,stay,come, leave it, go place, potty training,fetch,jumping, energy, bond building and more!

I can teach you anything!

You will learn the what, how, and when. Most importantly we will teach you how to get the most from your new puppy. There is no way to get more from your pup than one one one at your home!

Our Puppy program is intended work with you till your dog is trained. If you are looking for sit, down, stay in a group, you and your dog won’t learn much. This is about helping you go beyond that to offleash an!d advanced training later.

**Some of our dog training packages include free pup training.

For more information about our in home puppy training feel free to contact us. Our training is completely customized to you, your family, goals, and lifestyle.

Our MasterPup Limited time $350. Additional puppy sessions discounted for advanced pup training. We want to be there the whole life of your dog. 

Call or email us for openings. (312)568-6654

Want to learn online? Puppy training program coming soon.

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