In Home Dog Training

Beyond A "Training Room" Custom To Your Lifestyle, One On One At Your Home Is The Best Dog Training Option Possible!

Group Dog Training Can Never Give What I Can With One On One At Your Home GUARANTEED!

MasterPaw Dog Training Starter 

(Literally Learn How To Talk FOREVER)

I can change your understanding of dogs. I will fix leash pulling in 5 minutes Or You DONT PAY, change the dynamic of your whole relationship with your dog. Your dog will learn to follow your lead, and start to pay attention immediately. We will train your dog, figure out how they respond best, and then teach you.

In this program you will learn:

Leader Walks (How to train on your walks) (The most important bonding time is on your walks why not train too?)

How to train with and without treats (without clickers) Anyone can go to YouTube and Clicker Train With No Distractions!

How your energy matters

Rules and Boundaries

Manners, nipping, jumping, etc

Potty training

And More

Evaluations are required for all dogs. Starting at $650


The Good Dog- Get the dog you’ve always wanted

With this package you will learn what’s in the starter, package. Along with a place command. This is a 5 week program with 5+ hours of private one on one training. With this package you also get online access to MasterPawU, and unlimited phone support during those 5 weeks.

In this program you will learn:

Leader Walks (How to train on your walks)

How to train with and without treats (without clickers

Sit,Down,Stay, Heel (walk next to you), Come, Leave it,focus, and go place!

Rules and Boundaries

Manners, nipping, jumping, etc

Potty training

Full Access To MasterPawU for one full year and unlimited phone, email, text

To start contact us for an evaluation. (An Evaluation is required )



This is for customers who want to take their dog anywhere. This program has all the elements of “the good dog” with all the luxuries of complete off leash freedom with a remote collar. The remote we use is not like sitmeanssit shock collar. To watch the video of the collars we use click here

Take your dog anywhere

No more screaming

Learn how your energy matters, and how to use the ecollar the right way. Anyone can shock a dog. I teach levels the dog can barely feel!

With and without treats, a complete balanced solution

This is at home and also in public places

We require an in home evaluation to start

Call for evaluation. Start Now!

The Super Dog

This is for customers who want to capture the potential of their dogs. This program is only for dogs who qualify. You will learn all of our good dog, freedom dog package, with a ton of one on one training, and mental stimulation. Puppy Training Is FREE. We want to work with you the whole way.

Your dog will learn

Advanced off leash heeling

How to talk dog with and without treats with your energy

Bond building/ Soul bond

Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave it, go place, focus

Tricks customized for you and your dog

Bridge, have your dog learn how to walk under your legs for complete control anywhere.

Down/sit in motion

Advanced place-anywhere you point to

Online membership portal (Online Videos)

In home and in public places

Custom and only for approved dogs. Call to schedule an evaluation. 


Want the dog of your dreams trained for you? We’ll take care of it. With this package we do the work you enjoy the dog.

Your dog will:

Have complete off leash obedience

Know Sit,Down,Stay, Come, Focus, Look, and Go Place all off leash in any situation regardless of distractions

Build Confidence




No more digging, jumping, or yelling!

Done for you is 1-3 weeks depeding on the needs/and goals.

Call To start schedule an in home evaluation. 


Total 2 day transformation while in Arizona