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How To Dog Trainer Park Ridge IL


Are you looking for a Dog Trainer Park Ridge IL?

I am born and raised in Park Ridge, and can help you with any dog training issue you have, or help you take your dog to other levels like advanced obedience, off-leash,  protection, and more.

Is your dog

  • Pulling you down the block
  • Aggressive with other dogs
  • Not Potty Trained
  • Ready for a challenge

Check me working with my Malinois Rocky off leash with a ton of distractions. Yes amazing things can happen starting with basic obedience.

Park Ridge Dog Trainer

ParkRidge il Dog TrainingHow do you get your dog like this? Through obedience. I believe training and walking should be a daily habit. Why not train while you walk?

I am a balanced trainer. I believe in both sides of the dog training spectrum. I positive reward or correction, by whatever tool is needed. This is different for each dog. I teach you how to use these tools effectively. I find what makes your dog work and help you progress.

How Much is Dog Training In Park Ridge? I have packages that start low, or I can train your dog for you in a home setting in Norridge, Il. 

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