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E Collars Aren’t Shock Collar Anymore-Free Demo Chicago Area

Dog Training E collar

Ecollar aren’t shock collar anymore!

I wouldn’t want to shock my dog either. Thank goodness shock collars have evolved just like every form of dog training.  

Shock Collars used to have 1 mode “Shock” , This is just cruel. Fortunately all e collars are not the same! Now the good dog training e-collars have 100 levels and are now used with low stem very similar to the medical devices chiropractors use. Some people even like the pulse.

An E collar just speeds up the training time? Why? Because it gives me the ability to touch a dog from a mile away. These low level stims are barely felt. The only way to test one is to buy one or schedule a demo if your in the Chicagoland area. Click here.  

chicago dog trainingE collar till can be misused. Just like most dog training tools. That’s why its important to go with an e collar dog trainer who can teach you how to communicate with your dog, as opposed to using it only for strong compulsion.  

Aren’t shock collars considered cruel? They used to be, but thanks to new technology and good trainers, you can you this safer than a prong, or choke collars! Check out my videos, if you think you wan to feel the e collar technology in or around Chicago. Feel free to contact us, and schedule a free demo MasterPaw

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