Dog Training

Looking to get that dog you always wanted? MasterPaw is one of the best dog trainers. We wrote a book, have millions of views on YouTube, have super dogs, and a proven model for helping you train the dog. Most importantly we will share with you everything you need to know to get the same results we do.

With our dog training

  • Its custom to you, your family, and lifestyle
  • We come to your home base and deal with your real life
  • It’s proven, and has been practiced worldwide!
  • With treats and without!
  • No clickers
  • We will teach you how to improve your bond for life!

We will stop your leash pulling in a few minutes, and start the bonding transformation. Your dog will start to look to you for the ok. We teach with and without treats, and have had very good success. We would love to make you our next success story. Ready to learn from a master?

We have many different training options. Our two main ones without and in home evaluation is basic onleash vs offleash. Both will give you amazing results, but the offleash will get you there quicker with better reliability in any distractions.

You will learn the 8 commands you need to having a trained dog ( Heel (walk next to you/follow your lead) sit, down, stay, come, leave it, go place, and focus (look at you)

We will cover how to train with treats and without. We teach you the same techniques that make our dogs superstars! This is not your typical training, its specialized, customized, and guaranteed to work!

More you will learn

  • Automatic sits
  • Jumping/greeting
  • Boundaries
  • Digging
  • Nipping
  • How to do training walks
  • How to reward
  • Build a bond
  • And More

Pricing starts at $650 for our onleash, and $1100 for our offleash package, with customize options for advanced training.

Looking to start? Contact us call/text 312-568-6654 or email