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Communication With Your Dog

Dog Training Communication ChicagoHow do you communicate with your dog? Do you expect your dog to know English? They know some words, but can’t understand sentences. They understand energy, body language, luring, commands through obedience, positive/neg reinforcement, and most of all habit.

The secret to dog training is time. Through training you will learn how to communicate with your dog. Habit will ultimately be your tool to help you get any desired behavior.  I am very direct with my training, not mean or personal, but direct. If a dog breaks sit, I tell them to sit again. You don’t have to yell you just put the dog back in sit.

Your energy is something that your dogs defiantly feel.  They feel what you feel. So if you think that your dog is going to go after that dog coming up, you are already feeding your dog. The trick is to feed the behaviours you want and get rid of the one’s you don’t.

Once you learn how to communicate you can training. Training builds confidence, builds bond, and leads to a better dog. Habit is what solidifies these behaviors and makes them automatic. Just as sometimes you don’t know when your driving you just go. The same applies with dogs, if every time you stop and you make them, they will every time. Not only does this help focus, but can save your dogs life.

Start learning how to communicate with your dog, and you’ll have that dog that listens. If you need help and are in the Chicago/surrounding suburbs. Give MasterPaw a call we’d love to help you out.

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