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Chicago Dog TrainerChicago dog trainer school how do you find the best Trainer?

Dog training is not a one size fit all solution. It takes time to learn the art of dog training. There are a lot of good books, and videos, but only a actual trainer can utilize your time to the fullest. You might read a book or watch a video online, but every dog is different, and so is the energy of the dog/handler team. Chicago Dog Trainer-MasterPaw


Chicago dog trainer Techniques | What are the best ways to train my dog?

1.Treat training Positive reinforcement

2. Negative reinforcement/correction

3. or  mix of all three.

There was a recently published article that talked about how the third option actually sped up learning times.  There is a misunderstanding between a correction and abuse. A correction can be withholding the reward! Dog tools like chokers, pinch collars, and e collars, when used properly help you communicate with your dog. It’s important they learn that there is a consequence to negative behaviors like  aggression, or to reinforce a command.  


Chicago dog trainer reviews

The best place to find reviews is of course Yelp. However they are a for profit company, so they do hide reviews, and manipulate what you see.  The best review comes from someone you know, or a dog trainer’s demo dog. Lastly video is a great way to see how the dogs interact with a trainer before visiting/working your potential trainer.

Chicago dog training rates/cost

Dog training in Chicago can vary. Do to a recent study the price for obedience dog training is between $70-$150 per session. The cost is defiantly important, but remember you get what you pay for. If a chicago dog trainer knows what they are doing they will be able to help your dog faster. Not all trainers are equal. For great dog training in chicago Chicago Dog Trainer

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