What is the secret to dog training?

Time. If you have seen any of my dogs you know they can do killer stuff, from crazy obedience, tricks, and even skateboarding. You never see the hours sitting in the bushes waiting for them to stay and reward them, when I release them. It’s also about using the right techniques. The change in position/reverse direction is killer. It literally trains any dog to stop pulling on a leash in or less 5 minutes. I can get a dog to follow my lead in less than 60 seconds.

It’s about showing the dog what you want/don’t want withe the right tecniques, so may times, in so many places, that you create patterns. You taught the dog what you wanted from them. The more you can dog this, practice this, and experience it, the more the secret comes out. The funny thing is that if you are really good you will always learn on every dog. They are not one size fits all and shouldn’t be trained as such.

Importantly I think it is your state of mind through “energy” some people recognized it others think its gimicky, but think about it, you listen to people who are really confident right?  You can sense their confidence and so can dogs, 1,000 x’s more so, so it’s important to stay natural and just because there is a dog coming on the other side of the block.. don’t tense, up it makes your dog, feel hey what’s up with my owners? You just have to learn to be confident, and be more stubborn than your dog.

Secret of dog training? Time

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Clickers vs Energy

Every dog, every owner, and family is different so is our training. We are not dog trainers, but dog communication coaches, we help you understand how to communicate to your dog through custom techniques, make sure you are doing it right, and are not reliant on treats or pain.

What is a clicker? It is that box that makes a click. This is used with marker training. What is marker training? It’s when you ask a dog to do a specific task and when they do it you click and give them a treat. Is this really dog training? If dog training was so simple do you think there would be a need for dog trainers?

If you are going to do marker training, which is fine for a lot of the basic commands,  advanced tricks, or some dogs, why give your power over to a box? Why not use your own voice? You can use your voice as a maker word like “yes!” in the same tonality and pitch, you can even use bridge words like “good” to keep the dog going without rewarding every single action. There is more to training a dog than just treats, and clickers.

The main problem with 100% marker/treat training is it works for some of the dogs some times, but as you know all dogs are different, and so are the owners! Remove the treats, or have a higher level distraction, and most dogs won’t listen. Dogs are meant to follow a leader. Not through bribery, but from your ability to communicate with your dog.  A dog that only listens for a bag of treats is not 100% dependable.  We help you bridge the communication gap through you, not treats.

At the end of the day you should be your dogs best reward. By teaching you how to communicate with your dog in this way you are building a everlasting bond, that most dog trainers simply can’t teach.

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How To Do Hard Tricks

Yes a skateboarding dog is pretty cool, and so are any other complex tricks, today we will show you how you can get your dog to do almost anything.
The most important thing you must realize is that all complex tricks should be broken into steps.
Here is how we taught Diesel to skateboard.

We got him comfortable just being on the board by giving him a treat every time he was on it.
We got him comfortable with staying on the board while it was moving. To do this we taught him to stay, tied the skateboard to a piece of string and pulled him around while we gave him treats.
We lured him, meaning we guided him, with the treats to jump on the board going each way. Thats why he understands the turning
We taught him how to push by luring, guiding him with food to, push with 2 paws on and 2 paws pushing then gave him treats
We made ever step really fun, and took our time

We started putting all the different elements together with words. For instance up up, and push, or turn around!
After a lot of time and high enthusiasm he picked it up and became a skateboarding dog.
With every complex tricks it is a series of smaller tricks. Figure out how to break down each element, practice till they get good with each piece and put it together.
How did we teach Rocky to jump on our back?
Same way small steps!

We laid on the floor and gave him food when he got on our back.
We raised our bodies so that we were in a more box like stance, elbows bent more like a table and taught him how to jump on our back.
We gave him a word, practiced a lot and started standing up more and more.
After a while he learned to jump up on our back. 🙂
Again each trick complex trick is a series of smaller easier tricks broken down and then put together through good timing, good treats, and a lot of practice. To learn more tricks keep sign up to our monthly email list from the home page at www.masterpaw.com
Till next time keep training!!