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Communication With Your Dog

How do you communicate with your dog? Do you expect your dog to know English? They know some words, but can't understand sentences. They understand energy, body language, luring, commands through obedience, positive/neg reinforcement, and most of all habit. The secret to dog training is time. Through training you will learn how to communicate with your dog. Habit will ultimately…
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Real Protection Dog Training In Chicago

Protection Dog Training Times have changed there are many old school trainers that think that a "real" protection dog is a mean dog. They use all defense to make sure your dog will be mean. MasterPaw What if I were to tell you that you can have a dog that is protection trained could be super social?  A dog trained…
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How To Dog Trainer Park Ridge IL

MasterPaw Are you looking for a Dog Trainer Park Ridge IL? I am born and raised in Park Ridge, and can help you with any dog training issue you have, or help you take your dog to other levels like advanced obedience, off-leash,  protection, and more. Is your dog Pulling you down the block Aggressive with other dogs Not Potty…
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Chicago Dog Trainer

Chicago dog trainer school how do you find the best Trainer? Dog training is not a one size fit all solution. It takes time to learn the art of dog training. There are a lot of good books, and videos, but only a actual trainer can utilize your time to the fullest. You might read a book or watch a…
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E Collars Aren’t Shock Collar Anymore-Free Demo Chicago Area

Ecollar aren't shock collar anymore! I wouldn't want to shock my dog either. Thank goodness shock collars have evolved just like every form of dog training.   Shock Collars used to have 1 mode "Shock" , This is just cruel. Fortunately all e collars are not the same! Now the good dog training e-collars have 100 levels and are now…
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