About Us

MasterPaw is one of the finest dog training companies in the USA. We began back in 2012, and have since helped 100s of clients get that impeccably behaved and friendly pooch they always dreamed. The training at MasterPaw uses custom techniques that are specific to every dog and owner. This is essential for master and pup to forge a bond that lasts a lifetime. There is no one size fits all approach: just listen to your dog and react accordingly.

At MasterPaw we are experts in the full suite of training techniques:

  • Dog Obedience – getting rid of that naught behavior
  • Puppy Training – helping the little ones settle in
  • Aggression – providing that calming influence
  • Dog Tricks – what could be more fun!
  • Family Protection – Protecting what you love and staying social!
  • Dog Communication – Even without treats or coercion

At MasterPaw we pride ourselves on helping any combination of owner and dog forge that bond between man and best friend that lasts a lifetime. Our secret is to adopt a personal approach, and never create a reliance on treats or punishment.

“MasterPaw was born with a gift for understanding dogs. I have never seen someone be able to create a bond so quickly. I will miss our sessions, please stay in touch!”


Check out videos of Adam (MasterPaw) and his own dogs below, they’re amazing

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