8 Commands Your Dog Must Know

In order for you to have a well behaved dog, you must take the time to teach it specific commands. The reason is beyond just trick training, it is helping your dog understand structured way of life.

The 8 commands are:

  1. Heel (follow me, and walk by myside)
  2. Come (not just for treats, and even under distractions)
  3. Sit (one word, until released)
  4. Down (again one word, until released)
  5. Leave it (leave dogs, the people, the furniture (lol) Leave it means to leave that alone and pay it no attention)
  6. Go Place-Go to a destined spot. Great when you want to put your dog away, signing for a package, cleaning, having guests over,etc)
  7. Look at you/focus- Where the eyes are the mind is. If they are looking at you, they are on your level, and with you)
  8. Stay-Great command to help the dog understand, no matter what I want you to stay right there.

Armed with these 8 commands with or without treats, in any situation, and you can pretty much talk dog, or pattern the perfect dog.

When people come over, I want you to sit, or go to place. When you are walking I want you to look at me not everything else. When I say leave it, that means pay it no mind.

When you are able to teach the dog what you want vs don’t want. You are training the perfect dog for your lifestyle. We help bridge the communication gap, helping your dog and you know these commands, and more. If you are looking for a better dog, one who listens, is in tune with you, and works for. Contact Dog Training Obedience today