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Master Dog Training in Chicago and the Surrounding Suburbs | From Good To Great! Specializing in medium to large dogs

Beyond sit and stay.  Not all dog training is equal if you are looking for a dog who only sits because you have food, or for a short while isn’t really a trained dog. A dog who can sit, during a whole conversation, or even even right by your side is more MasterPaw’s style. It is a way of getting you to bond and grow with your dog with proven techniques. These techniques help you gain focus/obedience without the need to be cruel or rely on treats. MasterPaw uses all quadrants of dog training including positive and negative reinforcement. All dogs are different and so is our training.

There are two secrets to dog training.

  1. Time
  2. Technique/Method

We’ll teach you the techniques to having a dog that not only listens, but is a joy to be around. Once you see what a MasterPaw can do you will be blown away.

Does your dog?

    • Pull you down the block
    • Ignore you when you ask them to come
    • Still peeing or destroying your home
    • Aggressive with you or other pets

MasterPaw | Dog Training Chicago | Puppy to Personal Protection And Advanced Training

We know you want the best dog you can have. One who will listen to you, not just for treats or punishment, but because you have developed a bond and communication. MasterPaw is a Chicago Dog trainer helping with 

Puppy Classes – 1 on 1 or group

Obedience-Sit, Down, Stay, Come,Heel

Advanced Obedience-Sit/down in motion, Fetch, Place, Tricks, Long Stays Aggression-Does your dog have bad aggression towards other people or animals? Our proven training can help save your dog’s life and save you thousands of dollars.

Protection Dog Training-No not backyard training that makes dogs mean, this is new level of training that keeps dogs absolutely social. This is done without harsh methods to the dog. Just because a dog learns to protect does not make them mean. It is the same as karate, just because you can defend yourself doesn’t make you go looking for fights.

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In Home Dog Training

Looking For A Good Dog? One You Can Train From Home One who: Comes When…

Group Classes

We offer: Puppy Training Classes, puppy training in chicago.  We offer an 8 week puppy…

Board And Train

Want your dog trained for you? We can train your dog for you in a…

Protection Dog Training

Yes we will come to your home and train your dog or you can come to…

Dog Training

Chicago dog training. Dog Training in Chicago IL. Your dog can listen. Let us show…

Puppy Training

Puppy Training Classes | Puppy Training in Chicago IL I don’t do any group puppy classes…

Dog obedience classes | Dog Training cost |Chicago

Through dog obedience training lessons, most problems wash away! Yes your dog can do amazing things, but you have to know how to communicate with them. If you don’t have the time training won’t work. You should walk your dog twice per day, a great time to train is during this 10-15 minute time.


We recommend incorporating dog training into your daily walks. This is natural for puppies to learn what to eat, stay away from, potty habits, etc. Very similar to how a mother dog teaches her pups in the wild.

This does a few things:

  • Exercises your dog
  • Trains your dog mentally
  • Improves your bond
  • Improves your communication

We are located by Harlem and Irving mall. Or we can come to you.


If you don’t have the time to train yourself, an excellent solution you can consider is our MasterPaw done for you, or board and train dog training program. These can last 2-3 weeks straight. This is a like a summer retreat for dogs!

We will train your dog, and guarantee the training success for life. Your dog can even protect you staying social as a butterfly. For more info make sure to check out protection dog training videos.

Areas served:

Chicago, IL. (and the surrounding area)
Harwood Heights, Il
Northbrook, IL
Melrose Park, IL
Park Ridge, IL
Norridge, IL
Des Plaines, Il

Oak Park, IL

In Home Dog Training

Looking For A Good Dog? One You Can Train From Home One who: Comes When…
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MasterPaw Pup In Home (9 weeks-4 months)

We dog things better than a big box store.We can help you take your pup as far as they can go. We teach sit,down,stay,come, look,focus,leash walking,fetch, tricks, potty training, frisbee, and more. Our training focuses on you and your voice, beyond treats and clickers!

One And Done!

Our training is so good we can do it in one session.

A one and done covers leash pulling (fixed in minutes), Sit, Stay, Down, Leave it, and Come. We teach you how to train with and without treats, in any level of distraction. Our training is made to improve your bond for life! We also focus on crate training, jumping, biting, rules and boundraies, and more!

****Although we deliver fast results. We do offer our graduate’s group training to help reinforce the training with distractions. 


Good Dog

This is everything included with the one and done, except more time with a master trainer. This also is designed to add in minor behavioural behaviours. This also includes 2 group sessions to reinforce what you have learned with more distraction and instruction.

****Although we deliver fast results. We do offer our graduate’s group training to help reinforce the training with distractions. 

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Online Live Video Training

Too far from MasterPaw? We offer custom video training sessions via most online video platforms. Cost is $150 per 30 minutes and we cover what you want. We help you train the 8 commands, trick training, dog coaching, dog planning/goals, and more.

Contact us for more info.


MasterPaw Done For You

Want to have it all done for you? We can totally train your dog in 2-3 weeks, and you all you have to do is reinforce what we taught you. This is for people that just want it done for them, and would rather have someone with the skills to do it fast, and right.

For more information on this program, you must schedule an in-home evaluation so that we can assess you and your dog’s goals.

Starting at $2,500 for 2 weeks


Online Video Courses

Too far from MasterPaw? Coming Soon!


Take a look at our videos, reviews, and social media, there is nothing MasterPaw can’t teach you and your dog. You must experience it to realize it. We offer a 100% no questions money back guarantee, if you aren’t happy, don’t like the program, or simpley don’t like us, simply don’t pay any money!

Your dog will be changed after the first 5 minutes. Learn how to have your dog follow your lead GUARANTEED!

I can’t even begin to explain how Adam has changed our lives with our dog.

Adam from Master Paw has changed our life!

My dog responded after the first few minutes From

0 obedience to this in 2 weeks

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Masterpaw is phenomenal. Adam changed our lives. Last summer he took in our almost two year old pit mix for 3 weeks. I got pregnant months after getting a puppy and he didn’t get the training he deserved. He is the nicest dog in the world but I know then stigmas behind pits. He sucked on a leash. Jumped on everyone. He came close to licking some people to death I was terrified to walk him with the baby. I’m using past tense here because adam changed all of that. He brought me back a totally different dog. Same amazing personality, just with some extra manners sprinkled in.
Adam from Master Paw has changed our life! We had a 5 month old German Shepard puppy that was nervous, not to fond of other people or dogs and getting extremely strong, extremely fast. We enrolled him in obedience classes at a local gsd club and realized quickly that the methods taught there just weren’t sticking. Hatcher was still pulling on walks, barking like a mad man at dogs and people and just wasn’t progressing like we had wished. That is when I called master paw. Adam came to our home the next day for a consultation and within 2 minutes of taking the leash he had my dog walking at his side with absolutely no pulling. He is a confident dog trainer and truly knows his stuff.