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Ready for that good dog who listens? From Puppy to Protection Dog Training | We’re not your typical dog trainers guaranteed!

You want the best dog you can have? Not all dog trainers are created equal

MasterPaw teaches things that most can only dream. Not only can we communicate with dogs we teach you how to get that same result. No more yelling, pulling, jumping, we take your dog as high as you want to go. MasterPaw prides itself on helping you not only getting a great dog, but even beyond. Check out our reviews!

Weather your are looking to have a perfect puppy, great obedience/communication/ bond, advanced dog training/tricks to executive personal protection/family protection. MasterPaw has you covered!  Not all dog training is equal.  When looking for a dog trainer, it’s important to know that each dog is different, so should be the training. It’s about customizing training to you and your dog.  It’s about helping you communicate with your dog. We have a gift, we show you the unspoken energy/communication to help you get a great dog, bond, relationship, and family friend.

Are you looking for pricing? We customize our training/pricing for you and your dog. Each person and dog is different so should be the training! We have pricing and packages to fit every situation/budget

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 Great obedience, bond, and structure eliminates 90% of dog problems. Sit, down, come, walk next to you not in front of you! This puts structure into your dogs mind, and helps switch the focus onto you!

Imagine a dog who can sit, during a whole conversation, not jumping or annoying your guests. We teach a natural balanced techniques that grows bond and teaches the dog to listen to you instead of reacting to everything. A dog who only listens for treats is a dog that isn’t really trained. They are bribed. What do you do when you don’t have treats? You are the ultimate bond, through energy, and praise we teach you how. 

These techniques help you gain focus/obedience. MasterPaw uses all quadrants of dog operant training including positive and negative reinforcement. All dogs are different and so is our training. Custom One On One Training!

There are 3 secrets to dog training.

  1. Time
  2. Technique
  3. Energy / your emotional state (something most dog trainers can’t teach)

We’ll teach you the techniques customized to you and your dog. Once you see what a MasterPaw can do you will be blown away. If your not completely happy after the first lesson. You don’t Pay. Imagine your dog not pulling in 1 session! We fix leash pulling in 5 minutes!!

Does your dog?

    • Pull you down the block 
    • Ignore you when you ask them to come
    • Still peeing or destroying your home
    • Aggressive with you or other pets

MasterPaw | Dog Training Chicago | Puppy to Personal Protection And More

Do you want the best dog you can have? One who will listen to you, not just for treats or punishment, but because you have developed a bond and communication?

MasterPaw is ready to help you learn how.

Puppy Training- How to raise, and train your puppy.

Dog Obedience-Sit, Down, Stay, Come,Heel

Off leash- No more screaming! Our off leash program is amazing!

Advanced Obedience-Sit/down in motion, Fetch, Place, Tricks, Long Stays Aggression-Does your dog have bad aggression towards other people or animals? Our proven training can help save your dog’s life and save you thousands of dollars.

Protection Dog Training-No not backyard high defense training that makes dogs mean, this is new level of training that keeps dogs absolutely social. This is done without harsh methods to the dog. Just because a dog learns to protect does not make them mean. It is the same as karate, just because you can defend yourself doesn’t make you go looking for fights.

Check out what is possible


Dog Training

MasterPaw Dog Training Is unlike any other training program! All dogs are different, and  so…

Puppy Training

Puppy Training Classes | Puppy Training in Chicago IL You want to have the best…

Dog obedience classes | Dog Training cost |Chicago

We guarantee your dog will be different after the first session! 




 A key strategy to our training is incorporating dog training into your daily walks and life. This is natural for puppies to learn what to eat, stay away from, potty habits, etc. Very similar to how a mother dog teaches her pups in the wild.


  Most all of our basic training/coaching is at your home.  This gives you the ability to stop behaviors where they started. No distractions! We come to you once a week, give you specific homework to work on, and pick back up the following week.  


 If you don’t have the time to train yourself, an excellent solution you can consider is our MasterPaw done for you, or board and train dog training program. These can last 2-3 weeks straight. This is a like a bootcamp  for dogs! 

Don’t like the first session? It’s on us.

Your dog can even protect you staying and stay social as a butterfly. For more info make sure to check out protection dog training videos. 

Areas served:

Chicago, IL. (and the surrounding area)
Harwood Heights, Il
Northbrook, IL
Melrose Park, IL
Park Ridge, IL
Norridge, IL
Des Plaines, Il

Oak Park, Il Bensenville

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